Monday, December 18, 2006

Jon is...blonde?!? (and done with the semester!!)

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For those of you who didn't see my bulletin the other day, yes, I did bleach my hair and so now I'm bright blonde. I did it, well, because I could and I've wanted to do something like that for some time now. I'll have you know it took three days to get this bright since my hair is so dark to begin with. At least I know how to do it now!! Hope you like it!! =). Also, I'm just about done with the semester...two more finals to take today and then I'm FREE at last!! I'm so excited to be done and going home in two days. Just one more semester of classes left here!!!!!!


Kristi; December 18, 2006
Wow! That's really something to behold!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

My recital is OVER!!

Current mood: ecstatic

This is my "note" from Facebook that I wrote pretty much right after my recital this past Saturday, Dec. 2. The concert right after went very well!

Well, it has come and recital that is. Right now I'm in a small break between my recital and our second concert of the day, which starts at 7:30. We already had a concert at 2 this afternoon and my recital started at 4:30. Oh yeah, we had a concert last night too at 7:30, so once this next concert is done, I'm going to need a break from singing! My recital went pretty well. Was it perfect? Hardly, but that's more me being highly critical of myself than anything. "The Glee Club" went REALLY well and people seemed to like it and I also did "The Buckeye Battle Cry" to end my recital and that went well too, especially when I spelled O-H-I-O at the end. My only disappointment was the attendance. I had my posters all over campus and I sent out e-mails to probably 50 people, all of whom either live in or near Rexburg. Not only did I hardly get any response to the e-mails, but of all those I e-mailed, I don't think any of them came. Those few (and MUCH appreciated) that came were people I have classes with for the most part. Of course I'm thrilled that they came, but I would've liked to have seen more people especially since I printed 100 programs. I really expected a much larger crowd. There were probably around 30 people there if that. If it weren't for my sister being there, no one from my family would've been there at all. Not that I expected any family from Ohio to come, but it would've been nice if some of my Utah family could've made the three-hour trip here. After all, I've made the trip down there countless times. Oh to other things like FINALS!

The pictures below are 1) Me, Br. Dresen, & Zoe doing the "poster pose" after the recital; 2) Elissa, Zoe, Me, and LaRenzo after the recital. We were all an Aural Skills study group in Aural Skills 2 and then we were a mentor group in Aural Skills 3. We named ourselves the "Solfegers" 3) The "cast" of my recital with our "Glee Club" outfits on (Men's Choir blazers). 4) Andrew, Ray, and Me in our Collegiate Singers outfits after the end of the final concert that night.


LDS Drama Queen (Becky); December 8, 2006
I'm glad it went well. I would have been there had it not been across the country. I'll watch the video though when you bring it home. :) I like your pictures!!

See you soon!!

Love ya.

Nari; December 13, 2006
Great pics!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Ohio State Buckeyes on their 42-39 win over Michigan today in Columbus! It wasn't pretty, but a win's a win! BIG TEN CHAMPIONS and off to the National Championship game in Glendale, AZ!!! GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nari; November 18, 2006
Ok, goooooo buckeyes!!!!!!

Ha ha I was only kidding about the Michigan thing; I was just doing it to be difficult!! :)

Dorese; November 21, 2006

Friday, November 10, 2006

Bye Kipp

Current mood: sad

I think this ended up being one of the last pictures I ever took of Kipp, back in July. The thought never crossed my mind it might be the last one.

I know I already miss you and it's hard to believe you won't be there when I get home in December. Seeing you when I came home was always something I looked forward to. I mean, I always knew this day would come, but I still always hoped it never would. I just wish I could've been home when it happened. Now it's here and I have to deal with it 2,000 miles away, plus I'll have to deal with it again when I come home in December and get used to you not being there. I know I'll eventually see you again, but I don't know if I can wait that long. You were more than just a dog to me, you were a member of the family and a friend. You always seemed to know when we weren't feeling well and you always tried to help us feel better. It was always nice to come home and realize someone did miss us and was glad we were back. It will be awhile before things seem "normal" again at home.

Bye doggie.

Kipp...October 20, 1992- November 8, 2006


Nari; November 10, 2006
Jon, I so know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. We had to part with a beautiful yellow lab that kind of looks like Kipp. I'm so sorry about this. :(

Non pet-owners seem to think that a do is "just a dog" where in reality they become a member of the family.

Kipp is at the rainbow bridge now.

Here is your virtual hug (((Jon)))

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Election Day...don't forget to STUDY!

Current mood: determined

I posted this on my Facebook page too, so if you already read it, that's just too bad!

Hopefully everyone remembers that this coming Tuesday, November 7th, is Election Day. Of course you all should remember to vote, but even more, make sure that you study out all the issues and candidates on the ballot so that you can make a well-informed and educated decision. Too often people just vote on little or no information or by superficial things and then get upset when something or someone they voted for doesn't work out like they were "promised." Most issues and candidates have websites both for and against them, so make sure you study up! An uninformed voter can be more dangerous to democracy than a non-voter!


Nari; November 5, 2006
Great message. I totally agree. I was going over the different issues with my sister so she knows what she's voting for and why.

Kudos to you, Jon!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Jon goes political

Current mood: aggravated

Finally I'm posting my first political blog because mainly I'm tired of being silent. I'm pretty opinionated in politics and I think a lot of flase ideas are being circulated about all sorts of things. This first blog will be about some statewide issues in Ohio that I will be voting on via absentee ballots and why I'm voting the way I am.

ISSUE 2: Minimum Wage- "A Constitutional Amendment that would increase Ohio's minimum wage to $6.85/hr and would reduce employee privacy."

NO: First, I don't think raising the minimum wage is a good idea, not because I'm some rich miser, but because raising the minimum wage has ripple affects on the economy. The ones who end up getting hurt the most are the ones who need the most help financially. Most people think of huge corporations that can probably manage quite well by paying their low-end workers a little more. Unfortunately, the vast majority of businesses are small businesses and most cannot afford to pay employees any more. Let's say Jim and Sue work at a locally owned convenience store for $6 an hour, hardly much of a salary. The minimum wage is raised to $6.85 or 7.15. Chances are the owner himself is barely making it, so he must raise prices to help pay for the increased salaries of Jim and Sue. SO first, while both Jim and Sue have more "disposable income," prices have gone up so the increase is basically cancelled. If the increase in prices doesn't help the owner, then one of them will be let go so that the business can stay in the black. So say Sue remains while Jim gets the pink slip. Sue got a raise, but now she has twice as much work to do and prices are higher, while Jim now has no income at all. Oh yeah, this is coming from someone who barely made above minimum wage this summer. I'm hardly some rich person here. The above scenario is very much on the minds of small business owners and most of them aren't rich either- their business is their livelihood and they themselves don't make much. How is putting minimum wage workers out of work, putting small businesses in the red, and raising prices helping "the little guy?" I'm also voting NO because this is a constitutional amendment and there are better ways to take care of this issue, plus the privacy issue and the paperwork issue just make this a poor ballot issue.

ISSUE 3: Learn & Earn (gambling)- "This issue is a Constitutional Amendment that would provide scholarships to Ohio students funded through expanded legalized gambling."

NO: I am opposed to gambling at any level (including the lottery) and this is a ploy to support gambling. I have moral issues against gambling, but also gambling brings a lot of baggage with it including crime, loss of productivity and money, and addiction which can lead to breaking up of families and other not-so-good stuff. There are other ways to help Ohio students for college too. A good start is to lower the cost of education in Ohio so more families can afford it which needs to start at the university level with greater financial responsibility.

ISSUE 4: "Smoke Less Ohio"- "A Constitutional Amendment that would restricts smoking, while allowing exceptions for bars and certain other businesses."

NO: I am voting NO on this because it is a ploy to continue the status quo of smoking in Ohio and does nothing to protect the health of non-smokers. Further, the main supporters of this bill are tavern owners and the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company itself. Hmmmm. Don't even start about "smokers rights." No one has the "right" to pollute the air I breathe. If the EPA can tell a big company to stop putting harmful chemicals into the air, why can't the state of Ohio tell citizens and businesses the same thing? It's already been proven that second-hand smoke is dangerous to everyone and it's also been proven that separate smoking rooms in buildings don't eliminate the problem of second-hand smoke. After spending a big chunk of my summer breathing in second-hand smoke at Geauga Lake, I have no patience for smokers. Just because you have an addiction doesn't mean I should have to share your consequences. Banning smoking in places like bars, bowling alleys, restaurants, etc. is a good idea not only for patrons, but also for workers, many of who can't just go get another job. Why should they have to breathe second-hand smoke all day to earn a living?

ISSUE 5: SmokeFreeOhio: "A voter initiated statute that would enacts a statewide smoke-free workplaces act that would apply to all public places, and would supersede bans already in place in Ohio cities."

YES: This is a no-brainer. See above. There is no reason that smoking needs to be a part of any business. Further, this is a voter initiated statute and can be altered as needed while issue 4 is a constitutional amendment that would trump issue 5 if both were passed and it would trump exisitng smoking bans in several Ohio cities.

Ballot descriptions from:


LDS Drama Queen (Becky); October 5, 2006
I pretty much agree with everything you said. Good for you for speaking up.

Dorese; October 5, 2006
Kudos to you for speaking up! And when you hear people complain about the minimum wage, just remind them that the national minimum wage (and that of the state of Idaho) is only $5.15. And hey, we're surviving... Anyway, I appreciate your sentiments. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Lundmark (Kelly); October 5, 2006
Boo yah! Jon Ridinger, you are my hero. Thank you so much for saying what needs to be said about these issues, especially the smoking one! I already joined the Facebook group for SmokeFreeOhio and definitely plan to vote NO on Issue 4 and YES on Issue 5, and I really appreciate your putting out some information on other important issues on the ballot. Rock on!

Nari; October 5, 2006
My vote is
no no on the smoking ban. Not that I want to protect a smokers 'right' but because I don't feel like the government should be telling a private business that they can't do something perfectly legal on their private property.

Now...if they want to make tobacco illegal, then that's a different story.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Where to start?!?

OK, most people don't know this about me, but I've always had the dream of being in a movie or some other large production. I think I have the talent, but I rarely get the chance to show it and further, I don't even know where to get started. I'm especially frustrated right now because I found out a new Star Trek movie has just begun production and I'd really like the chance to even be a nameless extra in a movie like that. It seems an impossible task to find out when casting calls will be and even how on earth I'd get to them or even be considered for such a thing. I have so many hopes and dreams but don't even know how to get them started so they even have a slight chance of becoming reality. Instead, here I am trapped in Rexburg, Idaho...AHHHH!


I*C*Y*U*N*V (Chynell); September 26, 2006
well, im no expert BUT i dont think idaho is the place to be if ur tryin to hit it big. You should move to LA theres a gazillion casting calls there, and u would make connections (to go along w/ the cliche "its not what u kno but who u kno) its true tho! Plus, you would NEVER have to worry about being lonely cuz I would be on the first plane out to Cali every weekend! lol No seriously though, you might as well, your already a billion miles from home, whats another thousand to CA?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Coming together

Current mood: optimistic

Well, at last it seems the pieces are coming together for me to finish classes here by this coming April and student teach next fall. I got pretty much all of my classes sorted out from transfers and substitutions, plus I got into a class I needed to take this semester even though it was listed as full. I'm still waiting to hear about an English class I just found out I'm supposed to take and if I can have one of my AP credits used for that (I sure hope so!). It looks almost certain I WON'T be back in Rexburg next Fall (YESSSSS!!!).

I also need to get where I'm student teaching sorted out. I'm hoping I can student teach back in Ohio because BYU-Idaho does allow students to student teach virtually anywhere (although they prefer you stay in an area they already are familiar with like Idaho; northern Utah; Mesa, AZ; or Las Vegas). Since I'm planning on teaching in Ohio, it would make sense (to me) to student teach in Ohio so I'm familiar with their system and not Utah's or Idaho's.

School is so far off to a good start...I just hope I can keep it real and keep up. It looks like I'll be having a busy semester. I am glad my sister is back. Having her here is lots of fun, plus we are in the same ward at church, which is awesome.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Winding down

So summer is quickly coming to an's a little update. I had a great time in North Carolina with my Ridinger side of the family. We spent a week at Lake Lure in a resort. It was a wonderful break from work and I picked the best week to do it. All week it was in the upper 90's all over the east, so instead of being outside, I was in an air-conditioned unit. Work itself isn't too bad, especially since the weather has cooled down. I've had several chances to test my leadership skills at Thunderhawk due to scheduling issues. I think I've done OK, but I'm glad I don't have to do that on a regular basis. Too much to worry about for basically no extra compensation. I've been disappointed too that now two of my co-workers have quit in the past 2 weeks. I've grown really fond of all my co-workers on my crew, so it sucks when one of them leaves. We all get along so well. Oh well...I'll be gone soon as well as I get ready to go back to Idaho for school, plus they had pretty valid reasons for quitting. My last day at Geauga Lake should be August 23rd. At this point I just want school to start so I can get it over with! The quicker I'm done with Rexburg and BYU-Idaho the better!!! out for my first politcal/opinion blog coming up. Lots to talk about that I really feel the need to comment on!!!


I*C*Y*U*N*V (Chynell); August 30, 2006
I agree Jon I cant wait until summer vacation already! Wanna know why? Cuz this summe rI'll actually havea LIFE!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It's hot

Current mood: hot

I'm certainly not looking forward to this week mostly because of the weather. It looks like it's going to be in the 90's every day and humid too, so it will feel like 100 outside. If I didn't have to work outside, I don't think I'd mind as much!

In other news, the play is in it's last week this week. Honestly, I'll be sad to see it end, but I'll be glad too. It's been stressful and exhausting this last week doing the show every night after being at work the 8 hours before. On Friday of this past week (7/14) I was at the point of just driving away from the play and never going back. I truly had to act on stage so that I looked like I was having a good time even though I wasn't. After the show I didn't want anything more to do with the show or Geauga Lake. I was pretty much at my wit's end. Not totally sure why, but I was. There were a lot of things that day that really got on my nerves, both at work and at the show. Fortunately the next day was much better as we had our biggest crowd yet and a lot of my family members came to see the show, plus I got to start work later than normal so I could have lunch with my brother and sisters (something we rarely get to do). I hope this week goes well too.

Oh yeah, I FINALLY got a digital camera at long last. I'd been wanting to get one for the longest time, but never had the money. It was one of my small highlights for the week.


I*C*Y*U*N*V (Chynell); July 26, 2006
i know why u were frutrated...its cuz i was gone for the week of "hell on the lake" hehe

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Follow up

Current mood: content

Things haven't really changed a whole lot at work or the play, but I seem to be content where I am. Even though I'm "out-ranked" on my crew at Geauga Lake, I still enjoy my crew (most times!!) and working with them. We have a lot of fun together and with our always-interesting guests. I still wish I had more "clout" or influence at the park, but for now I'm making do. Oh well.

The play opens now in less than two weeks. Thank goodness! Practices have been pretty long these past few days, so I haven't had much time to myself or at home. I leave home at 8:45 AM and have been getting home around 11:30 PM. Today was a shorter work day, but practice ended up being some 4 hours long (4-8), so I got home around 9. Once the play opens, my evenings won't be so long as the play begins at 7:30 each night and is over around 8:30. The other added bonus of the show being opened is that our director can't stop us while we're performing!! I've gotten some wonderful comments about the small part I do have as Professor Seixas. It is a fun part even though it's so small.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

My ward

Current mood: content

Most of the year I'm in a singles ward at BYU-Idaho, so my time in my home ward (congregation) is only in the summer and at Christmas. Even though the ward has many problems, it's still home and I'm so glad to be a part of it again. We have a singles branch here, but it's a 45-minute drive there (Canton), plus I just love being a part of Primary (children's organization), something that obviously doesn't exist in a ward made up of single people. I know many people who like being around lots of people their age, but I prefer diversity. Yes, I enjoy hanging out with people my age, but not being around them every day like I am at school. There is so much we can all learn from our different levels of experience with a diversity of ages, plus I love kids, so being in Primary is just the best. The spirit is always so strong back there and it's just a lot of fun. Our Primary presidency and our teachers are awesome too. I also feel like I'm making a positive contribution because I can use my talents and abilities back there more and I'm appreciated (I sub as piano player or chorister). I'm also the music chairman and the ward chorister, so I get to use my talents there too and people actually respect and value my opinion. What a change from the rest of the week!! It helps that my ward has very few music people in it (hey, if you're an organist, we need you!!). I haven't been too excited about my singles ward and I really jump on any chance I get to go to a regular ward (usually my aunt's ward in Utah). That's just me though. I know a lot of my single friends disagree. Oh well, just one more year or so of my singles ward and then I can come back to my home ward if all goes as planned.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Current mood: annoyed

So I've been thinking lately about my current status in life and it hasn't been pretty. Lately I've been pretty frustrated with my life, mostly because I'm still in college at 24 and so I don't have a degree, which also means I don't have a steady, well-paying job yet. I long for the days when I can be independent and not have to worry about accumulating debt or living at home. Most days I don't mind living at home (I'm only home for four months during the summer), but I can't wait to be on my own, just for the sake of being on my own. I also long for the day when someone, somewhere will notice my talents and abilities and give me an opportunity to express them and further develop them. Currently I work at Geauga Lake amusement park in Ohio and despite the fact that I'm four years older then the next oldest crew member, I'm "out-ranked" by three other people on my crew. I have as much clout at the park as the average 16-year old employee despite being 24. The only thing I'm known for at the park is giving good spiels. Just today I was really not feeling too well about working there, but some of my co-workers were getting on my nerves too.

I'm also doing this show, "This is Kirtland," a show I did last year as well. While I technically have a different part this year, it's still a pretty small part and that's frustrating to say the least. I really feel like people in the show think I'm some sort of musical novice who just likes to do it all for fun, but really doesn't have much experience. I'm a seniot music major and I've been in several shows since I was in elementary school, although I haven't had a major role in a production since I was in eighth grade. I definitely feel overlooked and largely ignored in both areas right now and being "rank-and-file" and average doesn't sit well with me. I really feel if I was given a chance I would do well in a leading role, but no one seems to agree with me.


First comment deleted

JRid (Jon); June 25, 2006
Thanks...good to hear from you! Nice to see someone's reading my blog!

Dorese; June 25, 2006
Stick with it and things will look up! I know you feel "old" at 24, but I know many a 27 year old who is still in college (my husband being one of them) and waiting for the day to stop going home every summer and mooching off his parents, and finally step out on his own. You have a lot to offer, no matter what you do or where you go. Cheer up, and stick with it! Things will get better!

I*C*Y*U*N*V (Chynell); July 1, 2006
hey you dont just have good spiels! You are excellent at everything you do. Honestly! I wish you were my _ _ _.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Current mood: thoughtful

I just got back from a visit to Utah for a good friend's wedding at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I had a great time. I seem to find myself in Utah about every month (except in the summer while I'm home in Ohio). Really, I enjoy visiting Utah but I don't think I could ever live there long term. If I had to live in Utah, I'd live in the Salt Lake area. I can't stand the Provo area and I try to avoid it as much as possible. The mountains are my favorite part of Utah. If Ohio had mountains, then it would be almost perfect. For now, though, I'd gladly trade the high number of trees here for the mountains. One thing I've discovered over the last five years living in three western states (Arizona, New Mexico, & Idaho) is that I'm an easterner and more specifically an Ohioan. I just love Ohio, but that's not to say there aren't things I've enjoyed about the other states I've lived in. Ohio is home and where I'm most comfortable. But anyway, since I'm LDS, there are lots of benefits in Utah too since so many more LDS things are readily available there than in Ohio where there are hardly any Mormons. I can't say I mind not having to go far to go to the temple or to church, plus you can get LDS items in just about any store. In most places you have to special order them unless you're in a heavy-LDS community. Yeah, there's definitely perks to being LDS and living in a place like Utah or Idaho, but in the end, I still like living in Ohio better- more diversity and more people rooted in REALITY!!


Dorese; June 25, 2006
I liked your last comment about people not seeming to be rooted in reality in the LDS "bubble." I totally agree!And even though I've decided to make Idaho pretty much my permanent home, Ohio still totally rocks! Anyway, have a good week, Jon!

JRid (Jon); June 25, 2006
DORESE!! So good to hear from you!! Thanks for the comments!