Tuesday, June 6, 2006


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I just got back from a visit to Utah for a good friend's wedding at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I had a great time. I seem to find myself in Utah about every month (except in the summer while I'm home in Ohio). Really, I enjoy visiting Utah but I don't think I could ever live there long term. If I had to live in Utah, I'd live in the Salt Lake area. I can't stand the Provo area and I try to avoid it as much as possible. The mountains are my favorite part of Utah. If Ohio had mountains, then it would be almost perfect. For now, though, I'd gladly trade the high number of trees here for the mountains. One thing I've discovered over the last five years living in three western states (Arizona, New Mexico, & Idaho) is that I'm an easterner and more specifically an Ohioan. I just love Ohio, but that's not to say there aren't things I've enjoyed about the other states I've lived in. Ohio is home and where I'm most comfortable. But anyway, since I'm LDS, there are lots of benefits in Utah too since so many more LDS things are readily available there than in Ohio where there are hardly any Mormons. I can't say I mind not having to go far to go to the temple or to church, plus you can get LDS items in just about any store. In most places you have to special order them unless you're in a heavy-LDS community. Yeah, there's definitely perks to being LDS and living in a place like Utah or Idaho, but in the end, I still like living in Ohio better- more diversity and more people rooted in REALITY!!


Dorese; June 25, 2006
I liked your last comment about people not seeming to be rooted in reality in the LDS "bubble." I totally agree!And even though I've decided to make Idaho pretty much my permanent home, Ohio still totally rocks! Anyway, have a good week, Jon!

JRid (Jon); June 25, 2006
DORESE!! So good to hear from you!! Thanks for the comments!

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