Sunday, September 10, 2006

Coming together

Current mood: optimistic

Well, at last it seems the pieces are coming together for me to finish classes here by this coming April and student teach next fall. I got pretty much all of my classes sorted out from transfers and substitutions, plus I got into a class I needed to take this semester even though it was listed as full. I'm still waiting to hear about an English class I just found out I'm supposed to take and if I can have one of my AP credits used for that (I sure hope so!). It looks almost certain I WON'T be back in Rexburg next Fall (YESSSSS!!!).

I also need to get where I'm student teaching sorted out. I'm hoping I can student teach back in Ohio because BYU-Idaho does allow students to student teach virtually anywhere (although they prefer you stay in an area they already are familiar with like Idaho; northern Utah; Mesa, AZ; or Las Vegas). Since I'm planning on teaching in Ohio, it would make sense (to me) to student teach in Ohio so I'm familiar with their system and not Utah's or Idaho's.

School is so far off to a good start...I just hope I can keep it real and keep up. It looks like I'll be having a busy semester. I am glad my sister is back. Having her here is lots of fun, plus we are in the same ward at church, which is awesome.

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