Thursday, December 7, 2006

My recital is OVER!!

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This is my "note" from Facebook that I wrote pretty much right after my recital this past Saturday, Dec. 2. The concert right after went very well!

Well, it has come and recital that is. Right now I'm in a small break between my recital and our second concert of the day, which starts at 7:30. We already had a concert at 2 this afternoon and my recital started at 4:30. Oh yeah, we had a concert last night too at 7:30, so once this next concert is done, I'm going to need a break from singing! My recital went pretty well. Was it perfect? Hardly, but that's more me being highly critical of myself than anything. "The Glee Club" went REALLY well and people seemed to like it and I also did "The Buckeye Battle Cry" to end my recital and that went well too, especially when I spelled O-H-I-O at the end. My only disappointment was the attendance. I had my posters all over campus and I sent out e-mails to probably 50 people, all of whom either live in or near Rexburg. Not only did I hardly get any response to the e-mails, but of all those I e-mailed, I don't think any of them came. Those few (and MUCH appreciated) that came were people I have classes with for the most part. Of course I'm thrilled that they came, but I would've liked to have seen more people especially since I printed 100 programs. I really expected a much larger crowd. There were probably around 30 people there if that. If it weren't for my sister being there, no one from my family would've been there at all. Not that I expected any family from Ohio to come, but it would've been nice if some of my Utah family could've made the three-hour trip here. After all, I've made the trip down there countless times. Oh to other things like FINALS!

The pictures below are 1) Me, Br. Dresen, & Zoe doing the "poster pose" after the recital; 2) Elissa, Zoe, Me, and LaRenzo after the recital. We were all an Aural Skills study group in Aural Skills 2 and then we were a mentor group in Aural Skills 3. We named ourselves the "Solfegers" 3) The "cast" of my recital with our "Glee Club" outfits on (Men's Choir blazers). 4) Andrew, Ray, and Me in our Collegiate Singers outfits after the end of the final concert that night.


LDS Drama Queen (Becky); December 8, 2006
I'm glad it went well. I would have been there had it not been across the country. I'll watch the video though when you bring it home. :) I like your pictures!!

See you soon!!

Love ya.

Nari; December 13, 2006
Great pics!!

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