Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Can't sleep

Current mood: thoughtful

I can't sleep so I thought I'd post something here for those that actually care. I do plan on at least two somewhat lengthy posts coming up, one political and one about some recent changes in my home ward (congregation). For those that didn't hear, my home ward (Rootstown) is going to be part of the new Youngstown Ohio Stake, beginning February 17. I'll explain it all later for those that need it. Basically, a stake is a group of wards (congregations) and for the last 32 years Rootstown has been part of the Akron Ohio Stake. It'll definitely be further to go to Youngstown than to Tallmadge, but I honestly think now it will end up being good for our ward. I wish I could be there to be a part of this. For a Latter-day Saint, the formation of a new stake is a big deal! More to come...


Nari; February 13, 2007
I look forward to the political one