Sunday, June 25, 2006

My ward

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Most of the year I'm in a singles ward at BYU-Idaho, so my time in my home ward (congregation) is only in the summer and at Christmas. Even though the ward has many problems, it's still home and I'm so glad to be a part of it again. We have a singles branch here, but it's a 45-minute drive there (Canton), plus I just love being a part of Primary (children's organization), something that obviously doesn't exist in a ward made up of single people. I know many people who like being around lots of people their age, but I prefer diversity. Yes, I enjoy hanging out with people my age, but not being around them every day like I am at school. There is so much we can all learn from our different levels of experience with a diversity of ages, plus I love kids, so being in Primary is just the best. The spirit is always so strong back there and it's just a lot of fun. Our Primary presidency and our teachers are awesome too. I also feel like I'm making a positive contribution because I can use my talents and abilities back there more and I'm appreciated (I sub as piano player or chorister). I'm also the music chairman and the ward chorister, so I get to use my talents there too and people actually respect and value my opinion. What a change from the rest of the week!! It helps that my ward has very few music people in it (hey, if you're an organist, we need you!!). I haven't been too excited about my singles ward and I really jump on any chance I get to go to a regular ward (usually my aunt's ward in Utah). That's just me though. I know a lot of my single friends disagree. Oh well, just one more year or so of my singles ward and then I can come back to my home ward if all goes as planned.

Friday, June 23, 2006


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So I've been thinking lately about my current status in life and it hasn't been pretty. Lately I've been pretty frustrated with my life, mostly because I'm still in college at 24 and so I don't have a degree, which also means I don't have a steady, well-paying job yet. I long for the days when I can be independent and not have to worry about accumulating debt or living at home. Most days I don't mind living at home (I'm only home for four months during the summer), but I can't wait to be on my own, just for the sake of being on my own. I also long for the day when someone, somewhere will notice my talents and abilities and give me an opportunity to express them and further develop them. Currently I work at Geauga Lake amusement park in Ohio and despite the fact that I'm four years older then the next oldest crew member, I'm "out-ranked" by three other people on my crew. I have as much clout at the park as the average 16-year old employee despite being 24. The only thing I'm known for at the park is giving good spiels. Just today I was really not feeling too well about working there, but some of my co-workers were getting on my nerves too.

I'm also doing this show, "This is Kirtland," a show I did last year as well. While I technically have a different part this year, it's still a pretty small part and that's frustrating to say the least. I really feel like people in the show think I'm some sort of musical novice who just likes to do it all for fun, but really doesn't have much experience. I'm a seniot music major and I've been in several shows since I was in elementary school, although I haven't had a major role in a production since I was in eighth grade. I definitely feel overlooked and largely ignored in both areas right now and being "rank-and-file" and average doesn't sit well with me. I really feel if I was given a chance I would do well in a leading role, but no one seems to agree with me.


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JRid (Jon); June 25, 2006
Thanks...good to hear from you! Nice to see someone's reading my blog!

Dorese; June 25, 2006
Stick with it and things will look up! I know you feel "old" at 24, but I know many a 27 year old who is still in college (my husband being one of them) and waiting for the day to stop going home every summer and mooching off his parents, and finally step out on his own. You have a lot to offer, no matter what you do or where you go. Cheer up, and stick with it! Things will get better!

I*C*Y*U*N*V (Chynell); July 1, 2006
hey you dont just have good spiels! You are excellent at everything you do. Honestly! I wish you were my _ _ _.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


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I just got back from a visit to Utah for a good friend's wedding at the Salt Lake LDS Temple. I had a great time. I seem to find myself in Utah about every month (except in the summer while I'm home in Ohio). Really, I enjoy visiting Utah but I don't think I could ever live there long term. If I had to live in Utah, I'd live in the Salt Lake area. I can't stand the Provo area and I try to avoid it as much as possible. The mountains are my favorite part of Utah. If Ohio had mountains, then it would be almost perfect. For now, though, I'd gladly trade the high number of trees here for the mountains. One thing I've discovered over the last five years living in three western states (Arizona, New Mexico, & Idaho) is that I'm an easterner and more specifically an Ohioan. I just love Ohio, but that's not to say there aren't things I've enjoyed about the other states I've lived in. Ohio is home and where I'm most comfortable. But anyway, since I'm LDS, there are lots of benefits in Utah too since so many more LDS things are readily available there than in Ohio where there are hardly any Mormons. I can't say I mind not having to go far to go to the temple or to church, plus you can get LDS items in just about any store. In most places you have to special order them unless you're in a heavy-LDS community. Yeah, there's definitely perks to being LDS and living in a place like Utah or Idaho, but in the end, I still like living in Ohio better- more diversity and more people rooted in REALITY!!


Dorese; June 25, 2006
I liked your last comment about people not seeming to be rooted in reality in the LDS "bubble." I totally agree!And even though I've decided to make Idaho pretty much my permanent home, Ohio still totally rocks! Anyway, have a good week, Jon!

JRid (Jon); June 25, 2006
DORESE!! So good to hear from you!! Thanks for the comments!