Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eh, I guess not

It doesn't look like I'm going to go through with this TV and phone plan after all. Thanks for all the comments for those of who you posted. In the end, it just doesn't look good, plus money is so tight here we should be trying to save as much as possible. It certainly isn't a case of me not wanting to get the TV or the phone service because I definitely want them. I have always enjoyed watching sports and more and more of the teams I enjoy watching can only be found on cable or satellite (except the Browns since the NFL has rules about games being on free TV). On top of that, most sports in general are on networks like ESPN and Fox Sports Net, so for now when I want to watch something, I have to drive over to my grandparents' homes. It isn't that far, but it's hardly convenient. There are other shows I enjoy watching that aren't on free TV and the phone service working with the TV looked pretty sweet, but in the end, even though I think I could afford it, it falls under "just because I can do something doesn't mean I should do something." And yet again, this is a "when I have a job..." kind of thing as much of my life has been...looking forward to that seemingly ever-distant time when I actually have a stable and decent income to be able to get some of the things I want to when I want them. I know being poor financially has its benefits (like learning how to spend wisely, working within a budget, being humble, etc.), but after being like that my whole life and always having to worry about money, it sucks! I'm tired of it! When does this madness end?

Speaking of madness I feel like I'm in Rexburg as far as the weather is concerned. It was all of 3 degrees this morning when I went outside and it's supposed to drop down to zero or below tonight. On top of that it's been snowing all day, so the roads are in pretty bad shape. We easily have a foot of snow on the ground as the 8 inches or so we got Friday night and Saturday has been added to by additional snowfalls during this week and no warm enough temps to melt anything. We did get enough sun yesterday to help create some pretty extensive icicles along the sides of the house. Usually we don't get much in the way of icicles because of the gutters but the snow on the roof is thick and is covering the gutters, so it made making icicles easy. I'll have to get some pictures even though I have a seemingly endless supply of pictures of this house.

Speaking of the house it appears we will have our first looker this weekend. On top of that the mortgage company has deemed they need interior pictures, so the realtor is coming sometime soon to get those. Talk about invasion of privacy. Not only that, but the mortgage company wants them in two days and just happened to pick a time when none of us are going to be home much during the day. Gee thanks! How sad that a property is worth more than a family's well-being. Makes me sick just to think about it! I did find out some interesting info on the county's website. It lists EVERY property in the county and who owns it along with pretty detailed info about each property. One thing that stuck out to me as I looked over the records for the houses on our street as well as of my family's homes in the area, our land is worth more than anyone else's on our street or in our family. It's the house that is worth so much less so the overall property value is the lowest of all the ones I looked at (also the smallest square footage). I wonder what makes our specific lot worth more than any other on our street (it isn't the largest lot). I will say the land our house sits on is pretty good. It's the house that has the biggest problems!

Do you like how this post seemed to flow right together? I even impressed myself how it's all connected! Woo hoo!


Andy said...

even if you don't have frames, put family pictures up everywhere so others will have a hard time envisioning themselves in a house that is full of people they don't know. Also, since you're actually living in the house, I'm pretty sure you can insist that the realtors only come over when you're home and they'll have to call ahead or work their schedule around it. I know you don't want to be rude, but even if he's just doing his job, he still has no right to make you feel uncomfortable or treat you like you don't matter. Insist that he comes when you're home or you'll change the locks to make sure it happens that way.

Granny J said...

Jon, You are practicing "Delayed Gratification" be careful you may get addicted to it. Cadie and I would find ourselves packing things around the store and just before check out put them on some random shelf because we realized we didn't really need it right now. (Sometimes we were nice and actually put them back where we found them.)

Jon said...

Oh don't worry Andy...we have insisted they not be in the house when we're not there. The agent has been good about working with us on that and has respected it thus far, though I think he or the bank asked for us to leave the house key for this latest need...YEAH RIGHT!

Lacie- delayed gratification has been the story of my life. I guess it's one of the effects of being poor and knowing how to stay within a budget, but's nice when my delayed gratification can be more because of my choice than because of the situation =). Maybe mine is somewhat of a forced delayed gratification...