Thursday, June 14, 2007

Maybe next year...

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Maybe next year...the motto of all Cleveland sports teams since 1964!!

Well the Cavs have just been swept. It was quite a painful thing to watch really. Yes, the Spurs were DEFINTELY the better and more experienced team here, though even they would admit they didn't really play their best this series. But really, did they ever have to? The Cavs played SO BAD this series and not all of it was solely because the Spurs were playing such good defense or stuff like that. It really felt like watching the boring Cavs teams of the 1990's that were decent but incredibly boring because they wouldn't (or couldn't) score very much. Especially tonight's game...yikes. They couldn't hit a three-pointer to save their life or get a freaking rebound! Oh and let's not forget the careless unforced turnovers! GEEEEEZ!! Even with all that, outside of game 2, each game was pretty close and by no means a blowout. Had the Cavs played as well as they did in the fourth quarter of game 2 for that whole game, they could've won that one too! Really, they had a good chance to win all four games, but especially games 3 and 4, but their inexperience showed and the Spurs got the job done when they needed to and showed why they have been so successful the last eight years.

I'd like to also point out to all those who keep bringing up the Cavs "easier" road to the Finals. I agree for the most part; the West definitely has the greater teams like San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix. But don't forget that Dallas, who won the division that San Antonio is also in and beat the Spurs 3-of-4 this season, was upset in the first round by Golden State, so San Antonio was matched up with Utah in the Western Conference Finals, a team they match up way better with than the Mavericks. So, it is fair to say that while the Spurs did have a "tougher" road, it wasn't nearly as tough as it could've been.

I did enjoy listening to part of the game and the halftime show on WTAM 1100 AM on my way back to Kent from Kirtland. They interviewed a writer from Sports Illustrated who correctly pointed out that the Spurs went through a period as their current dynasty was being built where they couldn't get over the hump (aka the Los Angeles Lakers) and that it wasn't an overnight event that they became the great team they are now. He also said the Cavs are just at the beginning of a long run here and I believe that too. As my friend Daniel (who is by no means a Cavs fan) has said several times, "you better enjoy beating LeBron while you can." Oh well, it was an exciting run, though it would've been nice to get even one lousy win in the series. True, no one even expected the Cavs to make it this far. Sports Illustrated picked them to lose to New Jersey in six games and no one thought they could beat Detroit, especially they way they did! I am proud to be a Cavs fan though and it was nice to see the region finally have something to cheer about and be excited for. See you in the Finals next year! Cavs WILL be back!! At least the Indians won tonight!

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