Monday, June 4, 2007


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WOW...that's all I can say. WOW. I am SO thrilled about what the Cleveland Cavaliers have done so far!! Because all of the games were on TNT and we don't have cable, I either listened to them on the radio (WTAM) or followed them online ( But for game 6, I made sure I was near a TV so I could witness history, so I watched with my sister at my Ridinger grandparent's house here in Kent. WHAT A GAME!! It was exciting to watch and a little nerve-wracking, but I had faith. In all honesty, I always thought the Cavs would win the series, even after the first two games. I thought the Cavs really would lose the first two on the road and then win the next four. Why I thought that I have no idea, but I thought it nonetheless. I figured it would be a great series after the first two games, and a great series it was. The real kicker was game 5 in Detroit. Once the Cavs (well, LeBron) won that game, I knew they'd win game 6 in Cleveland. It was great seeing how excited everyone was and still is everywhere here. Keep in mind, Cleveland pro sports teams haven't won any overall titles since the 1964 Browns won the NFL title. The last World Series title for the Tribe was 1948, though they were oh so close to winning it in 1997. This will be the Cavs first appearance in the NBA Finals EVER, and they've been around since 1970.

So yes, I have faith the Cavaliers will win the series. I know it flies in the face of reason, but everything just feels different now. GO CAVS!! BEAT THE SPURS!!!

By the way, congratulations to Lebron James (hometown hero!) for an INCREDIBLE series (especially game 5...WOW) and to Daniel Gibson for an excellent series, especially game 6. STUNNING!!

And hey, let's not forget about the Cleveland Indians. Even though they lost the last 2 games of their series with Detroit (these two cities have been seeing a LOT of each other the last 2 weeks!), they still split the series and lead the AL Central. GO TRIBE!!!

Game 5 in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Can you count how many Pistons are watching LeBron FLY?!? I know, it is FREAKIN AMAZING! (from the Detroit Free Press

Game 6...Cleveland fans rejoice behind LeBron in the Q. (from

Outside the Q (Quicken Loans Arena) in between it and Jacobs Field, fans watched on a big screen and celebrated at the end. The Indians-Tigers game had let out about an hour earlier with an attendance of over 38,000. It is estimated between 80,000-100,000 people were downtown for all this. (from

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