Monday, June 18, 2007

End of an era

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An era came to an end for our family this past Sunday morning as our cat, Topaz, died around 12:50 AM. It marked the end of almost 15 years of having pets in our house as Topaz was the last. For the first time since December 1992 we have no pets here, so it's kind of weird and the house definitely has an empty feeling to it. Topaz had been very sick the last few days to the point where she was hardly eating or drinking at all. The last day, Saturday, June 16, she was to the point where she could hardly move or even stand up. We ended up doing something we haven't done in awhile: taking her with us to run errands, mainly to see my grandpas here in Kent to deliver our Father's Day presents. Topaz (and cats in general) never liked riding in cars, but you couldn't tell that on Saturday since she was so out of it. She died on my bed with both Mom and I sitting on either side of her. It was sad to see her gasp for her last breaths and know there was nothing I could do but pray that she be taken quickly, which I did. Seeing that has been on my mind the last few days. Before that I don't remember ever seeing something die right in front of me like that. Ironically, the place she died was virtually the same place our dog Kipp died at in November as I moved my bed over the spot in my room where he died.

We got Topaz in May of 1993 when she was about 6 weeks old. By then we had had Kipp for a few months. Those two had quite an interesting relationship and it seemed the cat never let an opportunity pass to harrass the dog or jump out from behind a box and attack. Every once and awhile you'd see her little arm swinging out to get something from under a door or something. Sometimes she'd sneak into the lower cupboards and we wouldn't see her until we heard things crashing and moving around in there, opened the doors and she's walk out. Of course too there were the times we'd open the back door and she'd walk in having escaped without our knowing. Topaz also didn't care too much for visitors. At the first sign that someone was coming in the house, she'd hide until she either knew who it was (like if it was one of us) or stayed hidden until any visitor left.

Even though her loss isn't quite the drastic change that losing Kipp was, it is still a change that will take some getting used to. Cats are so much more independent than dogs, but I was still attached to her and was used to her routines and habits. I do miss her and honestly still miss Kipp too and he's been gone now for almost 8 months. I know I'll see them again someday, but it's still hard not having them here anymore.

Bye you and see ya later!

Topaz: April 20?, 1993-June 17, 2007


Nari; June 19, 2007
Jon, I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty. It's just awful losing a pet as you know they become a part of your family. Although it was tragic watching her take her last breath, I imagine there's something peaceful about watching her go to a better place. Topaz is at the Rainbow Bridge now.

LDS Drama Queen (Becky); June 19, 2007
Remember when she jumped into the fridge while Mom was cleaning it? Hahaha...we had to be careful not to shut her in there.

Thanks for writing that, it was nice to read....I'll miss the weasel, too, in my own special way.


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