Friday, May 8, 2009


As I'm writing this I'm wondering if it will be the last time I post in this house. The phone will be shut off on Wednesday the 13th (well, shut off here...we will still have the same phone number at my grandparents' house) so once that happens, I won't be able to get online here. I don't think it's hit me quite yet that after next Thursday I will never be allowed to come here anymore, even with most of our furniture already moved out. Really, all that's left here are 2 beds, the piano, the couch (getting picked up in an hour) and the washer and dryer. That's not to forget all the loose items that are still around that need to be packed or disposed of. It looks like our last night here will be Tuesday night to Wednesday as the utilities will be shut off on Wednesday or Thursday morning. Since we will be going to Heather's graduation in Baltimore on Thursday, we have to make sure everything is out before we leave that afternoon. Being a part of this is similar to waiting for someone to die. We know the end is coming and we hate to see them go, but it's to the point now where we are ready to move on. Granted, I'd much rather have this house than not, but since we have no choice in the matter, I just want the moving to be over.

As for graduation, I still need to turn in the application for graduation, but I still need to make sure my prospectus (a sheet that lists what classes I plan to take) is amended with the grad workshops I took in the Fall. Of course I can't do that myself; I have to hope my advisor takes care of it. As I expected, the School of Music was no help and in their infinite wisdom determined that it was all my fault despite the fact that the grade change was not submitted by my advisor until after the deadline (yeah, I'd like to know how that was my fault too!). As for not changing my prospectus, yeah I totally missed the ONE line in the letter back in February that simply said my advisor needed to send a memo about the classes I took to add to it. So yes, I dropped the ball on that one, but I find it somewhat disgusting that I pay how many thousands of dollars in tuition and fees and the University can't send me one more crummy letter or e-mail as a reminder that I have outstanding issues and that the deadline is approaching. They were certainly capable of sending me notice well AFTER I could do anything about it! And I wonder if my advisor was sent a copy of that same letter too. If she was, she certainly didn't do anything about it either or even ask me what it was referring to.

Oh I'm still not totally done with school yet either! While I still need to take the Praxis PLT in June, I also have a poster presentation this coming Tuesday. All that involves is a tri-fold poster that highlights the action research I did this semester in my 6th grade music class. I just need to print it off and put it together before then, which will be a bit more complicated such most things here are already at Derbys' or packed away in boxes here. For the last few days in the house, my desk will be gone (moving it tomorrow), so the computer will probably be on the floor. Lovely.

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