Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snow Days

I neglected to do a post during break about the absolutely wonderful time I had with my sister Katie, brother Andy, and sister-in-law Heather at Snow Days in Cleveland on December 23rd.  If you haven't heard about this, basically the Cleveland Indians turned Progressive Field into a winter wonderland with a huge tubing slide from the bleachers down to the field and then had an ice skating track that circled the entire field.  We went on the 23rd as part pf Katie's birthday.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but came away happy with the evening and glad we went.  Thankfully Andy and Heather brought their Nikon D90, so we were able to get some decent pictures!
Katie with "Ketchup" one of the mascots that races in the "Hot Dog Derby" during Indians games!

Welcome to Snow Days!

Katie and me with Heather at Progressive Field...this is the view from the bleachers (left field)

Andy and me at Snow Days waiting in line for the Batterhorn

The four of us at Snow Days with the "Batterhorn" and maze in the background

Katie and me in front of the scoreboard; we're standing in left field after having gone down the Batterhorn.  So yes, I was "out in left field."

Another view of us standing in left the background on the scoreboard, you can watch yourself go down the hill on the Batterhorn!

Andy and Heather in left field with the scoreboard in the background

Katie trying out the snow machine.  It makes snow like you find at some of the ski's much more like a huge snow cone than actual snow (there was still plenty of snow on the ground from our snowfall a few weeks prior)
Katie after going down the Batterhorn.  Not only do they have people to help you get into the tube, but when you're done, there's someone right there to take it!  
After coming down the was a lot of fun...we did it 4 times.

Katie and me trying out the snow was pretty fun

Awesome action shot the maze

A sibling shot at the maze

Another sibling shot at the maze

We even got to go in the dugouts...that's where you can go warm up as there are heaters in the ceiling.

Andy at the halfway point of the ice skating track, known as "The Frozen Mile".  The rest area was in front of the visitor's bullpen in right field and included the bullpen seating area to warm up in.  
Blurry but that's me, Katie, and Heather speedskating!  LOL
Heather and me flying past the camera
This is the Batterhorn...full service snow tubing from the bleachers!
More was a lot of fun AND I didn't fall down!
A sibling moment on The Frozen Mile
Good picture of Andy skating
Katie and me coming down the home stretch...tough luck for that person on the right!
Progressive Field (I still call it Jacobs Field) is one of my favorite places to visit!  

Trying to feed the reindeer before security rushed us back onto the track :D
We paid $25 each to do the tubing and the ice skating.  You can buy less expensive tickets to do one or the other or even neither (like if you just wanted to bring your kids).  It's on the expensive end for a lot of families, but not astronomically expensive, especially if you don't do everything.  Even without the ice skating and tubing, there are other small things to play around in, plus I really enjoyed being able to go on the field, even IF it was covered in snow!  Included in the price is free parking, which may not sound like much, but since it's downtown Cleveland, free parking isn't so common.  Overall, I was very happy with how it all ways, plus we all had a great time!

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