Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sibling Reunion

I had a great chance last week to spend some time with all three of my siblings.  Even though I see them all pretty regularly and we're always in touch, it's actually fairly rare that we're all in the same room together.  I usually see one or two at a time.  With one sister visiting from Utah, I decided it would be a great opportunity to take a road trip down to Nashville so she could visit my brother and sister-in-law.  My other sister is in Kent, so we were able to work it out so she could come too.  The last time we were all together was just after Christmas last year and this was the only opportunity for us to all be together in 2010 as the schedules for Thanksgiving and Christmas visits won't overlap for my brother and youngest sister.  Lately, it's become a one-a-year thing, though I will see each sibling individually multiple times a year usually either visiting them or them visiting Kent.

Being together definitely gave me reason to think about what I admire and like most about each one.  It was so much fun just talking about everything.  We have shared so many experiences together, so our overall perspectives are very similar, though by no means the same.  Even with our differences we are pretty unified as a group and I love how we all communicate amongst ourselves when situations arise.  We have definitely put the wonders of technology to use in keeping in touch, from blogs, to cell phones, to Facebook, and e-mail.

My brother Andy is the oldest of the four.  He lives down in Nashville and does consulting from home.  I have lost track of how many times I have visited him and my sister-in-law in the past 2 years in Maryland (4 visits in Nashville already!) but I do know that I always enjoy visiting, even though both of them are usually very busy, so I don't get to see a lot of them.  Even so, we always manage to find fun stuff to do.  My brother is someone who is not afraid to tell you what he thinks and what you can do to improve (that's part of his job).  Where I'm much more willing to just give people the benefit of the doubt (I'm pretty laid back), he will let someone know when he is unhappy with their service or product.  He's also good at finding good deals and researching products to get not just the cheapest, but the best.  I've always said that if I ever became famous and needed an agent, I'd hire my brother!

I have two younger sisters, one of whom lives in Kent and the other who lives in Utah.  My "Kent sister" Katie and I are closest in age.  Although each of us are about 2 years apart (we graduated high school in two-year intervals), my sister and I are actually just over 21 months apart.  First, I have always loved the red hair of my sister; I honestly think it's beautiful and hope I have a red-haired daughter!  More importantly, my sister has an amazing mind, particularly in making movies.  When she was doing her undergrad work, I would sometimes help her with her film projects and I would always be impressed not only with her editing skills, but also her ability to have the whole idea in her head and know what to do to get it out.  Like me, she's struggled to find steady work in her field, but once she is able to get a foot in the door, she will just take off.  If I ever had the influence to get someone to direct a movie, I'd totally push for my sister!

This looks like the cover for a movie or something!
My other sister Becky lives in Utah, though I'm happy she is hopeful to return to Ohio in the near future.  It isn't bad having a place to stay when I visit Utah though :).  What's special about her is that we have the same birthday, 4 years apart.  Growing up it wasn't so fun sharing a birthday, but now as adults it's pretty darn cool.  Becky is also a great writer.  Some of her work from middle school is still being used by teachers she had as great examples of how to write.  In 7th grade she took 3rd in the state in a writing competition known as Power of the Pen, a feat that still has not been equaled by a student at Stanton Middle School in Kent.  I hope one day she's able to have a  or other opportunity that she can really use those writing skills on a regular basis.  If I ever needed a biography written, I'd totally get Becky to write it or at least proof it! I can always count on her to notify me of errors on my blog posts too.  :)

I think I have pretty cool siblings.  I'm glad and feel blessed they're my siblings and that we are able to stay in touch despite being spread out right now.  I hope we can maintain that even as we settle down and have families of our own.

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