Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow up to last post

So I got a comment from an anonymous poster that the <center> and </center> tags are "depreciated," which basically means they don't work in all browsers (though they do obviously work in mine) and will eventually not work at all.  This commenter recommended I Google new "center" codes in CSS.  The one I found is only slightly different.  I placed it in the same place as the previous post.  At the front end of the code I placed <div align="center"> (instead of <center>) and at the back end I have </div> (instead of </center>).  It worked on my laptop (Windows Vista) in my Firefox browser, but my Internet Explorer 8 browser (which I rarely use) seems to be having some problems adding extra padding to the right side of the page.  When I edited it in the Blogger design program, the extra padding disappeared in the preview, but was still there even after applying the changes.  Of note, IE 8 also adds the extra padding when I open the blog on my desktop (Windows 7 but in 4:3 view) but it's not initially; it opens correctly, then adds the extra padding as it finishes loading.  Looks like I'm back to searching for some solutions here.  If you want to see the blog the way it's SUPPOSED to look, use something OTHER than Internet Explorer (which is what AOL uses for their browser too, by the way).  

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