Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blog design

I noticed recently that Blogger has added a much better template designer, so I've been trying it out in case you may not have noticed :).  I'm still toying with it.  I definitely like the expanded choices, but I also like to have my blog adjusted so that it automatically fits in whatever screen its being viewed on.  The way to do that is my editing the HTML script of the blog so that the space covered by the blog is determined by percentages rather than a fixed width.  Without it, when the blog is opened on a wider screen (which are becoming more and more common) you get these huge margins with the post in the middle or, if it's formatted for a wide screen, doesn't fit right on a standard screen without having to slide over.  I was able to figure THAT part out but still working on getting my header (the "Live from Kent..." picture at the top) centered.  SO, if you see a bunch of changes, you'll know I'm probably fiddling with it.


Andy said...

it's cool to get html to look perfect on any screen, but the common thing with developers is to pick a set width so the graphics will always render the way they're supposed to, and then have the blank space on the sides like you mentioned. The secret is to use a pattern for the blank space that isn't too much that it competes with the real info, but interesting enough to make the whole page look good.

Jon said...

I usually spread pictures out enough that there aren't any problems with the different screen sizes other than on really small or narrow screens, so that's not an issue really. So many of my blogs are just text anyway and my sidebar (which has more graphics) is a fixed width. When I have a lot of pictures I have them separate from the text. About the only thing missing from Blogger now is a better caption space so you can link captions to pictures. But at this point I just want the header to center!!!