Saturday, June 27, 2009

What a weekend!

I am very much enjoying being able to blog about something happy! Yeah, I still don't have a job and propects are looking pretty grim for ANY job (let alone teaching), but at least I'm doing some stuff I really enjoy! Today I had 2 rehearsals for "This is Kirtland!" which opens next week on July 2nd! When I first saw the schedule, I was dreading this day as we had a 9 AM rehearsal followed by a 4 PM rehearsal. I wasn't too happy about the gap between the two since it takes me almost an hour to get to Kirtland from Kent, so going back home and then having to go back seemed like a huge waste and there wasn't much to do around where the show is. I certainly wasn't going to go visit all the historical sites! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE visiting Historic Kirtland, but I've been through the tour so many times I can give it. Seriously. I did stop over since the weather was nice and got a few pictures of the buildings. I was kinda happy there wasn't anyone walking around so I got some great pictures! Well, not only was rehearsal not that bad (which has been the case pretty much the whole run) but in between the rehearsals, a member of the cast who lives relatively close to where we practice (the Kirtland LDS stake center) invited all of us over for a cookout and general hangout. It was such a great time and I had so much fun not only getting free food, but also getting to know the cast members more. We really have a fun cast, which has made going to rehearsals something I actually look forward to more this year than any previous year. I have always enjoyed the cast, though, but there's something different about this year. Oh, our second rehearsal, which was our first time in costumes, wasn't too bad either, though I DEFINITELY need suspenders. Hot, yes, but still went well overall AND I'm finally getting the difficult couples dance which has two lifts. YES!

I was a tad worried I'd get worn out today after staying out WAAAAY too late last night. I went with my dad, his fiance Lisa, and her two sons to the Akron Aeros game. The Aeros are the AA minor league affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. The game was entertaining (Aeros won 3-1) and then there was a fireworks show. The fireworks show was spectacular! I was impressed even for a minor league park. The sound system at Canal Park, however, leaves much to be desired. It is worse than most high school PA systems I have heard. We couldn't understand a word that was being said and the scoreboard, while nice, was not very informative past the current batter and the score. I'm definitely spoiled having gone to so many Indians games at Progressive Field. What a difference between the majors and the minors! Anyway, after the game I got talking to Dad and Lisa and we ended up talking until just past 3 AM. I guess that's what happens when you haven't talked much in the last month! Thankfully I was able to get up and leave on time this morning and really never felt that tired during the day. I also enjoyed getting the chance to catch up with Dad and Lisa.

I drove home after rehearsal today and am very excited for the show to open next week. Even today being in costume and having a one-row "audience" (some relatives of the cast) watching made it more than just a rehearsal. I love to perform and be on stage. I love making people smile and laugh too. I only wish I had more chances to be on stage and perform, but so far this is it and I'm definitely grateful for the opportunity. It's been a lot of fun (and a lot of driving!), even days like today where I leave home around 8 AM and don't get home until 9 PM. If you're going to be anywhere near Kirtland, Ohio in the next few weeks, we open July 2 and run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until July 18 (except July 4). Come see us!
P.S. Thanks to Laura Ebie for the awesome poster she made!!

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