Thursday, March 5, 2009

Multi-tasking at the game

Here I am at the Kent State vs. Buffalo men's basketball game at the MAC Center and would you know, but I'm multi-tasking by blogging while I watch the game. I've seemingly fallen off the earth in terms of blogging the last month as student teaching has pretty much taken over my life. I've become almost religious in getting to bed by 10:30 every night so that I get as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible. Only now, at the end of week 6, do I feel like I'm in some sort of routine and am not as tired as I have been during the day. However, come Monday I will basically assume my cooperating teacher's full schedule, meaning I'll be going non-stop for pretty much the entire day after my first period planning time. I can do it, but it isn't going to be busy and hard. I am currently planning for four classes full-time and I do the physical and vocal warm-ups for two of the choirs. After Monday I will add an additional general music class (so I'll have all three) and will assume a larger role in the other two choirs. This will only last for about 3 weeks before I start turning classes back over to my cooperating teacher as my time runs down. I must say it was music to my ears to hear my cooperating teacher ask today how I wanted to handle "turning classes back over" to him. That means time is marching on and we're at a point I can even think about how things will end! After tomorrow I will be halfway done...incredible!

Student teaching has been quite the experience. Since I'm not done with it yet, I don't really want to go into all the major details yet (I'm fully aware this is a public blog), but let's just say I've had some highs and some major lows. There have been two times thus far that it was hard to be motivated to stay or show up, but I did and have seemingly worked through the incredibly hard times. Now I'm heading down the homestretch and am excited, but also anxious. Now the big challenge is finding a job and staying local if at all possible. And let's not forget just finishing student teaching itself and doing well in the process. I still have six weeks (not counting the Spring Break at my school the first full week of April) so I'm not done yet.

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Anonymous said...

hang in there! can't wait to hear the about the whole experience ... ;) -tina