Saturday, August 16, 2008

Where'd Summer Go?

It's hard to believe that Summer is pretty much over now. What's even more hard to believe is that my Summer classes are over as well. I still remember my first class on June 9th and how the end seemed so far away. Now that I'm at the other end, June 9th seems so far away. For one thing, I don't think I ever imagined that the people who made up my cohort this Summer would become such great friends. I was pleasantly surprised how well we all got along and just enjoyed being around each other. I'm not one who enjoys being in classes, though I do enjoy learning. It's just that for the last few years, most of what I do in classes isn't learning, it's just memorizing. I'm happy to report that most of what I did in the five classes I took this summer was actually learning instead of memorizing facts for a test and then forgetting them right away! I had four great teachers and a great group around me. It was nice to actually enjoy going to class, even though getting up at 7:00 for the 7:35 class wasn't always easy (I'm not a morning person!).

Now I'm hoping to enjoy a nice week off before Fall semester starts August 25th. My schedule still isn't set, mostly due to the fact that my advisor has been on vacation all summer, so making sure I chose the right classes hasn't really happened yet and the classes I do need to take I can't get into since I'm not a music major anymore. I'm hoping, too, to get some blogging and general projects done this week, though Fall semester should be a little less stressful than the Summer since classes are more spread out. The way my schedule is shaping up, it's going to be a strange set-up during the week, particularly the evenings.

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