Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I love technology!

One of the great things about graduating is getting presents. In my case it meant getting some much-needed money to get some things I either wanted or needed in some little way. My two major purchases have come in the technology department, though I have gotten some other things as well. The first thing I got was an iPod Touch, something I have wanted for a long time. I've wanted an iPod for some time, out once the iPod Touch came out, I knew that was what I wanted. I'm a total sucker for technology and I have a real fondness for touchscreen. The iPod Touch hasn't let me down at all. Not only is it super cool but its also more than just a music player. I had intended to do the blog post from my iPod since it can surf the web, but I discovered its limits are on a site like this. While I can view and even edit parts of my blog and even check e-mail, I can't write a post because the little keyboard won't show up. All I was able to do on the iPod was put the title in. I was able to log in just fine and even edit the non-post parts of the blog just not the blog itself. I'd say the iPod Touch's Internet feature (it picks up a WI-FI signal) is much more for the convenience of being able to check websites that you just need do read rather than ones that are like this where you need to type a lot. I certainly wouldn't replace a computer with it.

Enter my other new acquisition... my new laptop, the HP Pavilion tx2000z. It is a tablet PC, so it is a lot more flexible than a typical laptop and is also somewhat smaller and more portable. On top of that, it has touchscreen technology which makes me like it even more! In honor of the topic, not only am I using the new laptop to make this post, I am using it in tablet mode by using the writing feature. Instead of typing, I am using an electronic pen and writing like I would on a piece of paper. The computer then "converts" my writing into the typed words. It's not a perfect system, but so far works pretty well. Sometimes it reads what I wrote as a different word but it's still pretty accurate and easy to correct. I could get used to this, though I still think typing is a bit easier. The computer was other features too like Bluetooth and a fingerprint reader as well as a built in webcam and mic. So far I really really like it and I look forward it using it in my classes once grad school starts this coming Monday!


Becky said...

Oh good, I'm glad to hear you just have a not-quite-accurate-at-reading-handwriting computer and you're not just a lazy typer/proofreader. Sorry, your English degree sister found ALL the word errors!! HA.

Can't wait to see both your little toys, though, they sound cool.

Jon said...

Hmmmm...from someone who wanted her bothers to "just leave positive comments..." ;)