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WOW it's been awhile!

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WOW, it's been two months since I posted a blog at all and that last one wasn't much. I really do have a lot on my mind and it's getting to the point where I need to express myself of I'm just going explode!! SO, hopefully I'll be posting some more soon in more details, but I'll give all my loyal blog-watchers (all three of you!!) a "sneak preview" of sorts.

First, I was just reading the blog of Dave Ruller, who is the city manager for Kent, Ohio. I just want to say what a great idea it was for him to start it in the first place, plus it has TONS of great information and ideas on helping Kent improve as a community. I just wish I would read it more often! I think I'm going to start reading it every day I can, just like I read the news everyday on,, and If any reading this are interested, his site is at GREAT site for anyone interested in Kent! I, for one, have great hopes for Kent and think it's a great place. It has so much potential still that hasn't been realized yet.

Here's some other things on my mind:

Racism at Roosevelt? For those who didn't hear, someone (looks like maybe three people) broke into my alma mater Roosevelt High School last week and spray-painted racist graffiti on the walls in one of the hallways. To me, it seemed like an unfortunate, yet isolated incident. Now, though, the floodgates have been opened and people are acting like Roosevelt has this huge racial tension and problem when it really doesn't. Many people are also making it look like it's only one way; this is, white racism towards blacks or other minorities. In reality, yes, racism does exist at Roosevelt and in Kent, but find a diverse commmunity where racism DOESN'T exist at all? In addition, the racism and prejudice come from all races, not just one. I heard many racist statements from black kids when I was in middle school for instance. Is it widespread? HARDLY. Kent is a very liberal town and as such is VERY "politically correct" and racism (or anything even romotely close to it!) is NOT politically correct. Most students, teachers, and community members have been stunned by this latest event. Unfortunately, it seems in our society at the moment, racism and derogatory remarks towards white people (especially men) are OK, but not to anyone else (white people are the worst perpetrators of this, in my opinion). Well, guess what? It's WRONG towards ANYONE or any group!! Until Kent (and our country for that matter) realizes that racism has to be dealt with from every angle, it's not going to go away. Racism and other forms of like prejudice are problems that every race, group, and community faces, not just us white people! Am I making myself clear that I think all that stuff is WRONG?!? We're all children of God for goodness's time we started treating each other more like good family members than dividing each other up into races and the old "us and them" mentality!! Watch the Record-Courier for a letter to the editor sometime soon!

Iraq: I've been quiet about this for awhile, but I have to say something. This deserves its own blog though, so I'll keep it brief here. It seems to me we're suffering from "simplistic" thinking; that is, the false idea that if we didn't attack Iraq, radicals in the Middle East would hate us less or that if we "just believe hard" that we can have peace (or just let everyone do whatever they want) then POOF we'll have peace. I wish it were that simple, but unfortunately, it's not like that. The hatred towards America and the West in the Middle East stems all the way back to the Crusades, which first started in AD 1099. Yeah, almost 1,000 years ago, yet to many in the Middle East, this is considered a "recent event" that is discussed like it happened in the last few years. It would be like us still hating the British for all the destruction from the War of 1812 (it is worth noting along that line that the original third verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is hardly ever sung or even known anymore because it speaks pretty bluntly against the British and was de-emphasized as we became allies with the UK). I have tons more to say on this, but what the US has done in Iraq so far has been shortchanged by the media (who only report on the bad stuff) and by the vocal-yet-destructive minority that continues to cling to their destructive and backwards ways. The only reason it seems things are "worse" in Iraq than before the 2003 invasion is that prior to 2003, Iraq had state-run media, meaning the only news that came out was filtered by Saddam. Hmmm, think he's going to broadcast to the world what he was really doing to his people? O don't think so. The Chicago Tribune stated that it is estimated that Saddam was responsible for the deaths of over 300,000 of his own citizens. Instead of a car bomb going off in the marketplace, family members just disappeared in the middle of the night. ANYWAY, more to come on that. I've really been thinking a lot about it and analyzing it from different angles and perspectives.

I think it's important to gather as much info as I can before making my opinions "public."

WOW that turned out to be long! By the way, I have just one week of classes left and then finals. I'll start heading home probably around April 6th or so. YEAH!!!! I'm hoping to be home sometime in between April 10-12, the earlier the better. Anyone have any good job leads in or around Kent?? Also, I'm going to ENGLAND from April 30-May 12 to visit my friends the Wilcocks (I first met them on my mission while I was in New Mexico)! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!


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Yeah, I have a few things to say about that Roosevelt thing too....grrr

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