Tuesday, August 17, 2010

True colors

I have changed the settings for comments to allow only registered users to comment.  In other words I don't allow anonymous comments anymore.  As wonderful as the Internet is and has given so many people a chance to express themselves who wouldn't have had a chance otherwise, it has also allowed people to post their thoughts and opinions anonymously so we get to see their true colors and integrity.  Just read comments on any blog or news article online and you'll see all sorts of slander, bigotry, and prejudice in all forms and from all sides (left and right).  It's possible those people would say things like that directly to people, but chances are they wouldn't say something like that straight to someone's face or even in a comment that has their name attached to it (like a letter to the editor).

I had previously changed my comment settings a little while back requiring all comments to be read and approved by me before being posted.  That happened after someone, most likely from Wikipedia, kept making comments I really didn't want on my blog and my brother suggested I moderate comments.  Since making that change, it has all but stopped. This latest change was prompted by a comment I just read (and deleted) in regards to my previous post about Prop 8.  As has been the case all too often when this issue comes up, this comment was very angry and upset and full of prejudice and bigotry.  For someone with such a strong opinion, however, it was only fitting that the person left the comment anonymously.  As I said in my blog, I am not opposed to changing the laws so that gays and any couple can live as they choose.  What I oppose is the changing of the definition of marriage itself and the whole idea behind the movement to change it knowing it has nothing to do with "equal rights" and everything to do with advancing a particular agenda and crushing (not working with) those who disagree.  Finding common ground and compromise are not part of the plans, hence "civil unions" (which are legally the same as a marriage) not being good enough.  It also continues to cement my belief that too many liberals think that those who disagree with them are just stupid as opposed to having had different experiences or seeing things in a different way.  For all their talk of diversity and accepting differences, apparently religious and conservative differences aren't included.  

So, to my anonymous commenter, please keep your hate and prejudice off of my blog (and bad comparisons too).  Thanks.  I'm always open for civil discussion and enjoy getting response to what I write, but leaving angry--and especially anonymous--comments is not the way to get there.  People can disagree without resorting to name calling and stereotypes.  If your hope was to change my mind (or anyone else's) attacking me (and stating some incredibly false things about me, who I am, and what I think) isn't a good way to start changing minds.  In fact, it only strengthens my belief that this whole "struggle" isn't for equal rights and living together in harmony but forcing an agenda and belief system down the throats of everyone.  In that way, how are you any different from the very Evangelical Christians you criticize and detest?