Monday, July 13, 2009

One more week to go...

We made it through the second week of performances OK. I was worried about Thursday's performance and while it went pretty well, it was definitely obvious to those of us in the show it had been almost a week since we had performed it last. That's not to say it was a bad performance, but it seemed to lack the high energy we needed and had a lot of small errors. The biggest problem was with the lights, though. Apparently a cable got unplugged and it wasn't checked beforehand, and on top of that we had someone new doing the lights (don't ask me why!). What that translated to was us coming on stage to open the show and not having the stage lights come on until I was in the middle of my lines. Usually, as soon as we all start singing, the stage lights come on and then once we're finished and I start my lines, they come on to full brightness. With the darkness, I just waited until I got some light to do my lines. They got the spotlight on me and then while I was doing the "prayer" that's part of my lines, the lights came on. It worked well enough that no one really noticed there was a lighting problem if they hadn't seen the show already. I waited to give my lines for two reasons: first, it would be pretty pointless for me to start my lines in total darkness on stage since no one would have a clue who was giving them, and second, giving my lines like that with no lighting would really have shown that there was a problem. As it went, it all looked like it was supposed to happen that way.

Each performance had it's pluses and minuses. Overall I think we can all agree Friday was the best, though Saturday wasn't too bad either overall. For me, as well as Friday went, it was the night I nearly missed the main lift and the cartwheel. Overall on Friday, though, the couples dance looked great as we were all together more than we've ever been. Lacey still did the cartwheel, just not using my legs. For me personally, Saturday was my best for several reasons, one of which was not having to worry about my collar! Before the show I starched and ironed it, so it had no problems staying up. I also ironed my white tie, which helped as well.

My dad and Lisa came on Thursday and he took a bunch of pictures. He called me before the performance and asked what I wanted him to take pictures of and I was like "um, ME!" He ended up taking 101 pictures and I'm in 100 of them :). I have included some of the best pictures here. For those of you on Facebook, I also uploaded several more there, so if you've seen them there, these are the same ones. I've been pleasantly surprised to have had someone in the audience every night that I know, whether it be friends from church or family. In years past, it seemed I'd have several nights where there would be no one in the audience I knew, so I'd come out after the show to greet people, but then I wouldn't be out there long. It's always fun to have people you know in the audience. It gives me an extra energy boost to do as well as possible and really have fun.

Well, today is the cast party in Euclid and then we have three more performances this week. As excited as I am for them, I'm definitely not looking forward to the show coming to en end. It's been so much fun being a part of this year and I've really enjoyed being around the cast. I'll definitely miss them all since I won't be seeing hardly any of them after the show is over since all but one live in another stake. Thank goodness for blogs and Facebook!!


Mickell Gehret said...

Those pictures ALMOST make me wish I were back in Ohio so I could come see the show! You remind me of one of the Jonas Brothers...that's a good thing...he's handsome!

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

You look like you did a great job! Wish we could have seen the play!